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Friday, September 26, 2008
Jenn & Mic at The Brock House, Vancouver
I really don't know what to say about this simply awesome couple. When Mic and Jenn booked me to shoot their wedding, they found out I was heading to Italy to shoot a wedding in May, and we scheduled a whole separate meeting just to chat about Italy... they got engaged there. Pure romance! They gave me all kinds of ideas, and we even stayed at a B&B in Venice that they had told me about. Awesome.

OK... back to the wedding! Mic and Jenn hosted a beautiful, intimate ceremony and dinner at the Brock House on the most perfect Thursday evening... the wind was calm and the skies were clear, treating us to a gorgeous sunset. The next evening they held a huge backyard bbq bash at Jenn's parent's home in Langley and insisted I attend, without camera. Meeting the wonderful friends and family of this couple was a true highlight of my '08 wedding season. Mic and Jenn, may the next chapter of your lives be filled with amazing memories and of course, much travel! I'm so happy to have shared in this day with you.

The groom and his mom... a moment before the ceremony...

Everyone say, um.... what??!?

I didn't notice the best man's eye smiling at me through the table decor... I was too focused on his fiance getting teary-eyed at a beautiful speech :)

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Thursday, September 25, 2008
Here you go Lara!
Lara and Robin seemed a little quiet while we were shooting. I have been warned not to expect the same on the wedding day when I encounter the wedding party!
I imagine that my 'stand-up, sit-down' hike all over Deer Lake Park may have brought on the quiet... we were all trying to catch our breath! This engagement session was supposed to happen back in May and it was always raining, so we postponed until September thinking that jeans and jackets would be nice anyway. As it turns out, this day was one of the hottest we've had all year and the sun was beating down on us like the middle of August!
Lara and Robin were troopers though, and we can expect some nice, cool weather for the November wedding :)

LOVE this one... I don't know what they were laughing at... me perhaps!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008
Trevor & Kathryn in the Fort
Believe it or not, Kathryn and Trevor are shy about having their photo taken around people. They totally rocked this shoot in Fort Langley though! Their wedding at SFU is coming up in October, and I just checked out the photo location... it's gonna be amazing. A photographer's playground, wide open spaces and lots of yummy architectural stuff. Stay tuned!!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008
I'm being published!!!
Make sure to check out Vancouver's Real Weddings magazine, on store shelves October 15th! The editors have chosen my image of Mark and Stephanie in Tuscany as the 'Final Moment', the last page of the magazine. I'm very, very excited to be featured in the newest, and biggest issue yet. Thanks again to Mark and Steph for giving me such a fabulous backdrop to capture this image, and for supporting me in the submission!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Leanne & Dean, engagement
"We choose them all!!" is what Dean told me when I asked about their favourites. Ahhhh... this is why I love my job.

On a gorgeous September evening we met in charming Fort Langley to wander, shoot, and wander some more. Working with Leanne and Dean is a natural... they goofed off and played like kids, we had a blast. I love these images because they highlight how into each other Leanne and Dean are... I think sometimes they forgot I was hovering around with my lens :D
Can't wait for the October wedding!

Yep, what an awesome sky. Only a slight saturation to bring out the colour!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Emma and Felix
Emma and Felix were married in Emma's parent's backyard in North Vancouver, among the gardens her father worked all summer on, and under a big beautiful tree. It was idyllic... I think he should rent his yard out for weddings next summer!
We hopped across the bridge into Vancouver to shoot at Coal Harbour. Emma and Felix were surrounded by their wonderfully um, animated, friends, making it a day full of laughter. :) These two entered their reception to Van Halen's Running With The Devil... awesome!
Felix, your words when you thanked me brought tears to my eyes... and Emma, you were gorgeous as ever. Thanks for a fabulous day!
limo rides are fun
the handsome groom
Pretty sure that JR got almost as many looks as the bride when we arrived in Coal Harbour!!
no veil, hair down, smoky dramatic makeup... fabulous!

was not expecting this at all!!!
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