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Tuesday, December 22, 2009
2009 Baking Bonanza
3 friends, 1 kitchen, 12hrs, 8 recipes. A whole lot of fun. A counter full of ingredients, including 24 eggs and 9 sticks of butter. And a huge bag of flour. I already can't wait til next year. It's a good thing I have family coming for the holidays!

On the menu:
Gingerbread cookies
Earl-grey infused truffles
Rum Raisin shortbread cookies
Peanutbutter cups
Sugar cookies
Rice Krispy snowballs
mini butter tarts

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Newborn Photo Session
Jendi-Lynn, 1 week old!!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009
Kristi, Scott & Bosco
Brrrrr... here in the Lower Mainland we're experiencing colder than usual temperatures. And while it's still much warmer than the rest of Canada (hello, Heather in Saskatoon, -35 degrees!) it's really cold for us west coast wussies. Scott, Kristi and Bosco braved the frostiness for a morning session along the river. Luckily for us, the sun was shining and there was no wind... so it wasn't toooo bad! Still, 20 minutes and it was time for a warm coffee...

Bosco decided to roll in a huge, dead fish he found at the side of the river. Unfortunately it was right before I wanted these close-together shots. I couldn't help but include these funny ones, he really did smell. But the best part is the look on Bosco's face... like "What?! I smell awesome!"

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009
Jenny & Dave
Jenny and Dave take the place as my last wedding for the 2009 season. I'm so happy to have been a part of their day... Jenny's sister Rachel and her husband Josh were my first BC wedding clients back in early 2007.
I couldn't have asked for much more on a late November day... a dry afternoon for pre-ceremony shots, light rain afterwards, and a clear evening! Even our shoot location cooperated (with a little prodding... see below!)
This city girl had a great time with the many cows at Dave's family farm... a fun wedding party, and a great car to boot. (Thanks Roger!)
I know Jenny and Dave have just returned from their honeymoon in Jamaica, which was a surprise to Jenny right up until they left, way to go Dave!
Enjoy the images, while I take a big sigh... my last wedding blog for a little while! Although I think I'll do a re-cap of the season in a few weeks!

The beautiful Jenny...


Off to the Chilliwack Museum for some photos... it was supposed to be lit, and wasn't when we arrived. Luckily a maintenance worker was able to override the timer for us, yay!

Dave's family are dairy farmers, this calf was born a mere 40hrs before the wedding... so cute!

Rachel made Jenny sing a song from their childhood road trip days

And outside for one last shot of the night...


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