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Friday, December 20, 2013
Port Moody newborn photos
Another family I see often as they grow! Both of their newborns slept well for me (after a little coaxing) :) Thanks A&G, it's always a pleasure to see you all!  photo portmoody-newborn-photographer5_zps960d16f4.jpg  photo portmoody-newborn-photographer6_zps3f2e8b2a.jpg  photo portmoody-newborn-photographer7_zps6fa72e32.jpg  photo portmoody-newborn-photographer2_zpsd5b0f3f5.jpg  photo portmoody-newborn-photographer3_zps58fd2330.jpg  photo portmoody-newborn-photographer1_zpsddcf60df.jpg
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Langley newborn photos
One of my favourite families, it all began when I photographed their wedding, now I get to see them each time their family grows! (okay, and when they are outside, they became my neighbours too a few years ago) As you can see, their new little guy wasn't too interested in sleep, but my warm settings and soothing background noise put Dad and big brother into a mid-day nap!  photo langley-newborn-photographer3_zps2a68b030.jpg  photo langley-newborn-photographer2_zpsf46e43c2.jpg  photo langley-newborn-photographer4_zps9e2b8ec4.jpg  photo langley-newborn-photographer5_zpsc8717c01.jpg  photo langley-newborn-photographer1_zpsa6ccd394.jpg  photo langley-newborn-photographer7_zps7bb8ec37.jpg  photo langley-newborn-photographer6_zps83fdd948.jpg  photo langley-newborn-photographer9_zps6667abfd.jpg  photo langley-newborn-photographer8_zps6999e168.jpg

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Sunday, December 08, 2013
Langley fun in the fall leaves
You don't need more than 20 minutes and a pretty street when the sun in shining in November!  photo langley-fall-family-photos2_zps2920c60f.jpg  photo langley-fall-family-photos1_zpsd81f9ebe.jpg  photo langley-fall-family-photos3_zps5feca30d.jpg


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Monday, December 02, 2013
UBC Boathouse wedding with Jillian & John
From the day I met Jillian & John, I knew their wedding would be full of personal touches and beautiful decor. I also knew there would be great beer, as we did their engagement session at a brewery... and sure enough the groomsmen were gifted their favourite craft beers. (cold, with a glass, yay!) After they were dressed and a sweet first look, we were off to the Olympic Oval in Richmond for the photo session. Only a short jaunt away, they basked in the late afternoon sunshine during the ceremony and we even sneaked outside for some sunset shots before their custom made draped gazebo was whisked away. It was an amazing day with an even more amazing couple, full of love, laughter and gorgeous light :)Oh, and Louboutins. (just keeping with the L's there) As always, Jayna Marie blew us away with her makeup and hair wizardry, and the beautiful floral work by Garden Party Flowers made the UBC Boathouse look amazing. Huge thanks to Rick for being my second shooter this day, I will miss you in 2014 Rick!!  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding57_zpse16e79cf.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding52_zps385acef8.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding51_zps34384693.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding50_zps3d7dd21e.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding4_zps12a44c0b.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding6_zps3ef0374e.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding5_zps91608241.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding54_zps072ca82a.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding2_zpsadc1ac02.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding3_zps545c5914.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding53_zpsba0f0405.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding49_zps94f840e8.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding7_zpsa3c47e56.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding47_zps05451a3a.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding48_zpsdb1a9bd4.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding17_zps8f4c02f0.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding18_zpsd34a86d5.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding19_zps6e35d340.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding8_zps2d0a2af5.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding16_zpsc1e37565.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding15_zpsbe16ff03.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding14_zps384a514a.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding10_zps37492663.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding11_zpsd2cc41b6.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding58_zps9a5342dd.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding9_zpse4cbc25b.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding13_zpse7b81d69.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding12_zps5fb30f24.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding55_zps35437825.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding56_zpsadd03927.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding59_zpsd455eb64.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding25_zps8c7e4431.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding22_zps49b25053.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding24_zpse7d65e72.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding60_zps4d4fedea.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding26_zps465d0cc2.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding61_zpsd340419f.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding33_zps8dd7de2b.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding29_zps85193ee4.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding27_zps983c430c.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding28_zps0ce175bb.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding31_zpsd3f3682e.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding32_zpsbea87f06.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding36_zpsd4f64941.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding37_zps6fb11bdd.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding34_zps24a20fa1.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding62_zps14a607d6.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding41_zps208c146c.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding40_zpsd0c26e53.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding63_zps2127f4f0.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding42_zpsdd4f4748.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding1_zpse58b50fd.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding45_zps7db33a5f.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding46_zpsce95c0d5.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding44_zpsf4b8ca99.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding38_zpscd1d564e.jpg  photo ubc-boathouse-wedding30_zps56eb8ed0.jpg

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